What to do with leftover material


This top used to be a dress, but it was a bit … ahem … clingy around the hips.

I still love the pattern, so rather than donate the dress, I decided to make it into a top. Unfortunately I’m not a seamstress, so I took it to a dressmaker to do a professional job. It cost 20 Swiss Francs to alter.

The material is a very soft jersey, so when she gave me the leftovers, I wondered what I could do? Easy!

I cut the leftovers into small squares for reusable tissues!

No more one-use tissues beside the bed now. I have six lovely, bright, soft noseblowers. I’ve rolled them up and store them (the clean ones!) in a jar.

I didn’t even need to hem them.


They get washed with the towels each week.

Happiness is … making use of what we have to replace something we don’t need.

Wishing you a wonderful waste-free day.


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