The easiest of starts


The beautiful lake of St Moritz in Switzerland … momentarily spoiled by the sight/blight of this …

One of the easiest and simplest ways to reduce waste it to ditch the one-use plastic water bottles. They don’t all make it to the recycling plant.

While the photo above isn’t the best quality because I zoomed in, the eyesore was enough to snap my sister and I out of our blissful state while taking in the glory of St Moritz lake, in Switzerland, during her recent visit.

This is what the lake looked like elsewhere …


Fresh snow …


… and glassy, clear water

That’s what you want to see bobbing on the surface!

Here’s a great article about plastic water bottles from, another from about BPAs leaching from the plastic into the water and finally one from detailing concerns and alternatives.

The easiest of starts on your refuse-the-refuse journey would be to invest in a stainless steel or glass water bottle to refill. If you’re outdoors a lot or live in a warm country, you could even buy an insulated one that keeps the water cooler for longer. They also have ones with built-in water filters.

I’ll save the whole other headache of softdrink bottles for another day. 🙂

Do you live somewhere with drinkable tap water? We’re lucky in Switzerland – there’s no reason to pay the big dollars with the bigger repercussions. But if you have to buy one, make sure it goes in a recycling bin!

Wishing you a wonderful, waste-free day.

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